The Power of Video

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Click Below To Watch Full Video Presentation. Last month, we published a list titled 15 Costly Mistakes Advisors Will Make in 2015. One of the big items on that list was "Not Using Video to Market." Advisors who want to squeeze the most value from their marketing dollars need to concentrate on video. Video can help you: Attract 2 - 3 times more people to your website. Increase the time spent on your website. Make your emails even more effective. Become much more ...

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You, But At A Fraction Of The Cost?

Advisor Versus Robo-Advisor

Earlier this month, Personal Capital, the financial software and online wealth management company, shared this on Twitter: That's right. They now manage over 1 Billion in client investments. Last week, I saw a handful of online ads for robo-advisors as I read through articles on Forbes, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal. Ads like this: What Does This Mean For You? It means your competition is not limited to flesh and blood. The robo-advisor is here. Managing ...

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Brand New Website And Logo

Before and After Logo Blog

Jim Rohn said "Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." The same is true in business. Things can always be improved. It doesn't happen by accident. We're proponents of change and adaptation at Platinum Advisor Strategies. It's important for us to seek opportunities in serving you better. With all of the improvements we’ll be rolling out over the next 12 months, the timing couldn’t be better to rollout a brand new website and revamped brand that communicates ...

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8% Of People Do This. Do Your Clients?

new year goals or resolutions

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology showed that about 45% of Americans make a New Year's resolution. Of those people who get around to committing to some type of change in the new year, only 8% achieve success. Surprised? A couple weeks ago, I discussed 15 Costly Mistakes Advisors Will Make in 2015. Today, let us focus on your clients and the type of year they want for themselves. You may play a bigger role than you think when it comes to their success for 2015. Top 10 ...

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Month In Review: December


We hope you enter 2015 with energy, optimism, and an eye towards progress. As you help your clients make progress with their financial resolutions, make sure you carve out some time to work on your own progress. It's important to stick to your values and principles, but be wary of getting too attached to methods. Preferences change, markets shift, and technology can transform the way you do business—sometimes in just a few short years. Don't hesitate when it's time to adapt. Have a ...

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15 Costly Mistakes Advisors Will Make in 2015


I don’t know about you, but I struggle to keep up with all the changes happening in the financial services industry. From the regulatory landscape, to compensation structures, to marketing strategies – it seems every element of our business is evolving at breakneck speed. The resulting noise that is generated can be hard to cut through, leading some advisors to make costly and unnecessary changes to their business while trying to implement everything. Worse yet, some attempt to tune out ...

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Adapt or Die: 5 Ways Advisors Must Embrace Change


This article originally appeared on InvestmentNews Do you remember Friday nights at the video store — the smell of popcorn, crowded aisles and long lines? In most places, those days are long gone. Founded in the 1980s when videocassette recorders were a fixture in U.S. homes, Blockbuster's business model failed to evolve with the times. At its peak in 2004, Blockbuster had 60,000 employees and 9,000 stores worldwide. Today, Blockbuster is bankrupt and plans to close the last of its stores by ...

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Marketing To Physicians: Why Now?


It’s easy to succumb to “don’t miss a single opportunity” syndrome. This is the mindset that keeps advisors dismissive of carving out a niche for themselves while attempting to appeal to anybody and everybody. You've heard it before: “If you try to target everyone, you target no one.” Rather than go on at length about the importance of niche marketing in general, let’s dive into a specific niche you should be considering right now. Start thinking about marketing to physicians. Here are ...

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Seven Ways Advisors Can Give Themselves A Raise

Empty escalator stairs

This article originally appeared in FA Mag. The financial services industry is undergoing some major shifts in customer preferences, regulatory oversight, and competitive pressures from high-tech online firms. These changes are gradually driving up the cost of maintaining a successful advisory practice. Advisors who want to stay profitable over the long term need to keep an eye on these trends and figure out how to adapt. Here are seven strategies that can help you improve your bottom line ...

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What Will Your Advisory Practice Look Like in 2015?


It’s easy to think that good intentions and sheer determination are enough to take you to the next level in your business, but this isn’t the case. Without a comprehensive plan in place, your best intentions can get thrown off track in a heartbeat. Many advisors struggle with managing time, prospecting, and handling day-to-day business issues, while others get to enjoy the ownership of a thriving practice. So, what’s the difference? We all have the same number of hours in a day, so why ...

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