Steal this Hollywood Technique for Your Next Event

Platinum Branded Backdrop

You already know how important it is to take pictures at your social events. Here's a great tip that will add excitement, prestige, and an extra touch of class to your next event photos...and to the event experience itself. Here's the Hollywood-Style Tip Take pictures of your attendees in front of a branded backdrop. Every movie premiere and showbiz gala takes advantage of this. Notice how the backdrop makes these images look glamorous and professional? It adds an air of chic ...

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Month in Review: March


New Releases   2016 Tax Strategies Presentation Deliver up-to-date information this tax season.   On Wealth Newsletter - Spring '16 Take a look at On Wealth's fun, friendly, and unique new cover.   Perspectives Newsletter - Spring '16 Or customize this minimalist, yet luxury, high-end cover.   4 Things Retirees Can Learn About Retirement from Peyton Manning Use as a springboard to talk about major retirement ...

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4 Lessons Advisors Can Learn From March Madness

4 Lessons Advisors Can Learn from March Madness

Selection Sunday is behind us and March Madness has begun! During the coming weeks, 68 teams will compete for college basketball's biggest prize. Even if you’re not a college basketball fan, there are valuable business lessons you can learn from March Madness. Effective sports franchises, like effective companies, adhere to strategies that will increase their chances of success. Here are four lessons from March Madness that can help you run a better practice. 1. Have a Game Plan It's ...

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An Easy Way to Boost Client Communications


Request a Sample Today How often are you reaching out to prospects and clients? To help you add to the effectiveness of your strategy, Platinum Advisor Strategies has recently released a powerful marketing and communications tool for financial advisors. We're proud to announce the 2016 Spring Newsletters. They are available in print and digital formats. Our 2016 Spring Newsletters are full of high quality design and content which covers of range of financial and lifestyle topics. You ...

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Month in Review: February

February Month in Review

New Releases   2016 Shred Day Invite A low cost, high impact event to hold after tax day.   Advisor Hiding Magazine Ad Try this bold, attention-grabbing magazine ad.   Protect Yourself from Tax-Related Identity Theft This Tax Season This is a big problem your clients & prospects need to know about.   March Video Script Bring insight to last month's major economic headlines.   Platinum Promotional   Spring ...

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Month in Review: January

Month In Review - January

New Releases   Don't Panic: 4 Level Headed Strategies for Volatile Markets Spread this timely message across your client base.     2016 State of the Markets Presentation This is a vital presentation to have every year.   2016 Wine Experience Invitation A classy, fun event that can prove to be a great referral source.   January Education Video Script Hitting the record button is so much easier when you have a completed ...

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Month in Review: December


New Releases 2016 State of the Markets Invite Clients won't want to miss this important educational event.   16 Financial Resolutions for 2016 Help clients focus on a fulfilling and successful 2016.   7 Principles of Long Term Investing Introduce principles that contribute to long-term success.   Financial Workshop for Families Educate the entire family on nurturing and protecting wealth.   Platinum Promotional: Gift ...

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Professional & Personal Improvement Starts with 3 Steps

2016 Goals

As we cruise toward the end of 2015, it’s a time for a lot of people to reflect on where they would like to be at this time next year. Here’s what I’ve noticed: People have the best of intentions when it comes to growth. But then they stall! They get started for a bit, and then something more important comes up and puts them right back to where they started…and then it’s December all over again. Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is ...

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Month in Review: November


New Releases   2016 Tax Planning Paper Provide clients with a few eleventh-hour tax tips they may find useful.   Social Security Changes and Your Retirement Picture Show your clients how recent changes affect them as retirees.   2015 Wealth Management 101 Seminar An attention-grabber that strongly positions you as a wealth management expert.   2015 Beer Tasting Invite Your guests will have a blast sampling beers from around the ...

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Month in Review: October

October Month In Review

New Releases   2015 Winter Celebration Invite A classy dinner and dancing event for clients and their guests.   How Does an Inheritance Change Your Financial Picture? Help guide prospects and clients through different options.   8 Timeless Principles of Investing Make investment principles easy to understand.   Platinum Promotional   2016 Wall Hanging Calendar An easy way to stay top-of-mind throughout the ...

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