The Benefits of Being a Published Advisor

Stack of Books

Ever dream of writing and publishing a book? Most people do. In fact, it's a common bucket list item. For financial advisors, becoming a published author brings a host of benefits. Let's have a look at some of the perks of publishing. Becoming a published author can: Boost your credibility and leadership Open doors for speaking engagements Create more trust between you and prospects Generate client referrals It's also a lot easier to author a book than you would think. ...

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Is Your Site Ready for Google’s New Update?

Google Mobile

It's no secret: Google is the search engine giant. They process over 100 billion searches every month and have over a 65% share of worldwide search volume. When they roll out important updates, or make a statement about the factors that influence rankings, it's important to listen. And in many cases, it's even more important to ACT. On April 21st, a big UPDATE will be rolling out that will affect you. Here was Google's announcement: "Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of ...

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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Find out.

Office supplies

When Google's update rolls out April 21st, will your website be ready? Mobile makes up 25% of all web usage, nearly double what it was last year! With Google using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, it's more important than ever to find out if your website is up-to-date. You can find out in a few seconds by using Google's Mobile-Friendly Test.  Here's how to use it: Step 1 Go here: Step 2 Enter your website address ...

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Month in Review: March

Month In Review - March

Are you carefully designing events that empower clients and prospects with life-changing information? Have you taken any time recently to express gratitude or celebrate cherished moments with your clients? Remember, the quality of your life and business is influenced by the value you create. When you review the new releases below, do so with the mindset of seeking opportunities to inspire, educate, and even enhance the lives of others. ...

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Get Ready for The Marketing Forum


This year's event--The Marketing Forum--is going to be quite an experience! You can read more about it here. Join us September 23 - 25 in sunny Orlando, FL at the Hyatt Regency (formerly The Peabody) as we shed light on what's going to help accelerate your business goals and growth. Get all the details right now by clicking below. Registration Details ...

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Gifts, Giveaways, & Attention Grabbers


Click Below To Watch Full Video Presentation. Start Your Milestone Celebrations, Get $50 Off Your First Milestone Order!View all Promotional Products Shop 100+ Brandable Items Create Lasting Impressions! In the brief presentation above, we review a range of products you can use to enhance events, increase rapport, and consistently WOW clients. Watch the presentation on Gifts, Giveaways, & Attention Grabbers and learn about: Event Enhancers Include these at your next social, ...

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Month in Review: February

Month In Review - December

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” - Tony Robbins Do your questions impact your business? The answer is yes. Here's a simple question many of us have asked before: "How do I get more business?" This question can set you up for poor results. Why? It's not focused. It can point to a million different directions. This can make you act desperate:  Begging for referrals. Trying more ...

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Powerful Social Media Strategies

social media strategies

Click Below To Watch Full Video Presentation. What's Missing From Your Social Media? Search Google for "social media advice for financial advisors". You'll get over 31 million results! You'll find an abundance of gurus, bloggers, and pundits eager to give you their 2 cents on the secrets of social media success. Despite all of the available advice, it's the guidance that is in short supply. We put together a presentation on the subject that does provide guidance. You're likely ...

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Month In Review: January

Month In Review - January

After looking over this month's new releases and featured content, one thing stood out: There is a high cost to ignoring the inevitable.  You can't ignore the impact that technology is having on our industry. You can't close your eyes and simply get back to "business as usual" for too long. What about your clients? It's important to watch out for them, and educate them, whether it concerns identity theft, estate preparation, or the litany of decisions involved in preparing for challenges ...

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The Power of Video

TV display with play icon

Click Below To Watch Full Video Presentation. Last month, we published a list titled 15 Costly Mistakes Advisors Will Make in 2015. One of the big items on that list was "Not Using Video to Market." Advisors who want to squeeze the most value from their marketing dollars need to concentrate on video. Video can help you: Attract 2 - 3 times more people to your website. Increase the time spent on your website. Make your emails even more effective. Become much more ...

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