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Scott Cook PhotographyIn 1999, twin brothers Robert Fross and Thomas Fross left the construction industry and began selling insurance products for Bankers Life and Casualty Company. While they immediately stood out as top performers, won numerous awards, and were rapidly promoted to management, they didn’t feel qualified to offer the complex financial advice their clients needed. This awareness motivated them to acquire their securities licenses and to start their own independent financial planning firm.

With their move to independence complete, Robert and Thomas became diligent students of the financial industry. They worked hard to develop impactful investment strategies, office systems, client communications and marketing tools; and they experienced outstanding success as a result. As their client base grew, however, more help was needed.

By 2009, Fross & Fross Wealth Management was successfully managing a book of business exceeding $300 million, and every process driving their firm was documented and replicable. As industry leaders, they began sharing their insights with other advisors at conferences around the country. As demand for their thought leadership grew, the need to start a separate consultancy became evident.


Platinum Advisor Strategies was launched in June 2009 and rapidly grew from a handful of financial advisors to a network of thousands of the nation’s leading advisors. As owners of the firm, Thomas Fross and his brother, Robert Fross, have never lost sight of the most important aspect of our industry – taking care of clients. Every system, tool, and marketing strategy Platinum introduces to its members is ultimately designed to help them serve their clients in a superior way. By teaching advisors how to run world-class businesses, we enable them to stand out from the competition, attract more clients, and live the life they desire.


In an industry where many consulting firms are ran by former advisors who have lost touch, or larger-than-life advisors who are impossible to imitate, Platinum is refreshingly different. Operated from the back office of a thriving financial planning practice, Platinum is truly by advisors, for advisors.

Our mission: To create the financial industry’s finest branding, practice management, and marketing materials, while adhering to uncompromising levels of professionalism and service, both inside and outside our organization.

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