Marketing Lessons From Inspirational Commercials

Take a look at the commercials below. These organizations do a great job of sharing their values and making an emotional impact through their advertising.

In author Simon Sinek’s talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action, he says: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

If you lead your business with this mindset, it will keep you from undervaluing yourself. It will keep you from turning yourself into a commodity.

Apple (1 minute 7 seconds)

You don’t see a single computer in this commercial. By showing a montage of inspiring and revered people, Apple created positive emotions within the market. The slogan “Think Different” is used to make the case that progress isn’t achieved by going with the flow, by following the crowd.

How vocal are you about what you stand for? What is your “Why”? Remember, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Guinness (1 minute 2 seconds)

Guinness does a great job of eliciting emotion through storytelling. Like Apple’s line, “Think Different”, they show what they value and promote what they stand for: We’re Made of More.

Think about your branding. What do you want people to associate with your practice? How are you more than a financial advisor?

Guinness further substantiates what they stand for by including a link at the end of this commercial for their nonprofit initiative, Guinness Gives Back.

Pro Infirmis (1 minute 30 seconds)

I won’t even tell you what this company does because I don’t want to risk spoiling the impact of the message.

Just watch it.

Pay attention to the meaning of the tagline at the end and how it relates to their values.


These commercials aren’t for everyone, but that’s the point. These companies have a clear idea of what they stand for, their “Why”, and their market. When you define your “Why” and focus your message in a way that gets the exact people you want on your side, your marketing will be much more effective.

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