Sell Yourself Through Education

Want to be more effective in your advertising and marketing? Don’t start by talking about yourself and asking for business.

You have to give first!

One of the best ways to start the process is by using your advertising or marketing in a way that educates your audience. It’s tempting for many advisors to open up with their accolades, years of experience, and qualifications when trying to earn business.

There’s just one problem with that approach. Nobody cares! At least, not at first.

Give people something they care about initially. Something that has to do with their needs, wants, or interests. Then, you can use your experience, education, and expertise to provide undeniable proof that you know what you’re talking about.

I just love these video examples of companies using this approach. They’re either educating or appealing to the deeper interests of their market.

Verizon Simplifies Bandwidth

Most people have heard of the word “bandwidth” before, but very few can explain what it means. Is it speed? Is it capacity? Both? This question gets answered succinctly with this video.

Did you notice how Verizon didn’t talk about themselves until the end? They established that bandwidth is important, then they related it with how much they care about the customer experience.

This next example doesn’t mention the product at all in the commercial, but look at what they do instead to increase engagement with their brand.

Uncle Ben’s Beginners

This one tugs at our heartstrings a little bit by showing us that as parents, our children watch and imitate what we do. Once they establish this sense of responsibility, they offer a call to action. They don’t even tell you to buy Uncle Ben’s products!

Teach them [your children] the life lesson of cooking. Join the Ben’s Beginners movement at

I never thought a company that sells instant rice would create a campaign to “join a movement”, but these guys did it.

When you go to, there’s no missing the Ben’s Beginners campaign. It’s part of an initiative to encourage healthier eating habits in children by getting their families to teach them how to cook.

They even have a contest where families submit videos of their children cooking meals. This company has created a novel way to increase engagement and drive traffic back to their site.

Financial Advisor Video

This video is from a financial advisor. He gets huge points with it because it’s interesting. Seeing an advisor ice climbing is certainly unexpected!

Towards the end of his conversation with the viewer, he does something brilliant–he compares ice climbing to retirement strategy.

This is not a do-it-yourself thing. You gotta have people that know what they’re doing and people you trust. So if you take a crash, someone’s going to catch you. You’ve got to have the right instruments, the right tools to do this or it could be pretty devastating.

The same thing with your retirement strategy. You’ve gotta have the right things, the right people you trust, the right things to catch you if the market crashes. So, give us a call. Accelerated Wealth: Secure your future. I gotta get back to climbing.

He took some time to educate the viewer through his video by grabbing their attention first, then showing the parallels between ice climbing and retirement strategy.

Fross & Fross Video

In just 30 seconds, Robert Fross sums up 3 basic retirement planning risks.

He discusses how longevity, inflation, and the market can affect retirement goals in unanticipated ways. This bite of information is enough to get the attention of pre-retirees or retirees and pull them closer to contacting Fross & Fross to continue the discussion.

Remember: it’s important to provide value to your prospects and clients by educating them. They’re looking for answers. In some cases, they may not even know the questions to ask, and you could be the one to show up and enlighten them.

Think about using some of these pieces to educate others.

8 Timeless Principles of Investing8 Timeless Principles of Investing

Just released! Educate prospects and clients on solid investment principles with this useful sales tool. Each point is broken down into bite-sized pieces and written in plain English. Your prospects and clients will find this refreshing!

7 Principles of Long-Term Investing7 Principles of Long Term Investing

This is an 8-page guide that highlights the seven principles of long-term investing. It’s not exhaustive, but it’s a start in helping prospects and clients educate themselves on investment principles.


Core Values - Mailer Ad SeriesCore Values – Mailer Ad Series

How often have you thrown away a postcard because it promised no clear benefit to you, but was all about the company or individual reaching out to you? This multi-part mailer series rejects that type of ego-centric marketing in favor of providing a valuable education to the public on your 6 Core Values.

The education doesn’t stop with these pieces, make sure you’re sending out weekly market updates, monthly letters, and recording videos using your educational video scripts.

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