What’s Your Biggest Payoff?

Your workday is riddled with traps that threaten your time and productivity. Investment News recently published an article on 5 tips to boost advisers’ productivity and included a quick list of 5 common time sucks:

  1. Email jail and the ensuing administrative work.
  2. Repeatedly solving the same problem instead of creating a process.
  3. Chasing wrong-fit centers of influence.
  4. Letting your day have its way with you.
  5. Following the Internet rabbit wherever it leads you.

The Big Takeaway

The “aha” moment in the article comes from a statement that deserves to be treated as a mantra throughout your workday. Please, internalize this message:

The adviser’s most important role and the one that generates the biggest payoff is connecting with clients.

Did you get that?

Your biggest return comes from client-related activities.

Anything else that isn’t directly related to client connection should be done by someone else.

Throughout your day, take a moment and ask yourself “Am I connecting with clients?”

Does it fall into any of these categories?

  • Meeting with prospective clients
  • Holding client review meetings
  • Hosting social or public events
  • Interviewing potential referral partners (this is often overlooked!)
  • Recording a market update video
  • Personally calling a client to congratulate them on a life event

You’ll be able to quickly decipher whether it should go in the do this pile versus the delegate this pile.

If you find that most of your day consists of activities that have nothing to do with connecting with clients, then you know something has to change.

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